Eagan Open Space Coalition

The Eagan Open Space Coalition was established to provide a greater voice to a broader spectrum of Eagan residents who are concerned about local open space.

The purpose of the coalition is to create strength in unity and in numbers to preserve Eagan's sensitive and increasingly threatened open space:

  • Too many unscrupulous outside developers have been given free reign in the community.

  • Too many controversial developments have been given a green light.

  • Too many ecologically fragile parcels have been endangered, damaged, or destroyed in such projects.

The next time such a developer attempts to portray a group of local open space proponents as representatives of narrow, backyard interests, the coalition will call them on it, and make our broad-based concerns heard.

In a word, numbers speak, and by way of this coalition, we have substantially increased our numbers. Cumulatively, the Eagan Open Space Coalition represents over 1,000 local residents.

In March of 2005, seven local preservation groups became charter members of the Eagan Open Space Coalition.

We are proud to join the following Eagan-based groups who share the same common values in preserving local open space.



To drive awareness, education, and activism around the environmental preservation of Eagan:

  1. Awareness --- To drive the awareness of environmental issues or threats within the Eagan community.

  2. Education --- To educate key constituents of the importance of environmental preservation to Eagan citizens. To also help educate Eagan citizens of the role that the environment plays in Eagan's success as a community.

  3. Activism --- To be a high profile advocate for the preservation of Eagan's environmental assets.

Core Values:

  • Ensuring a balance between the greater good of the community and its individuals, especially pertaining to the environment.

  • Encouraging the recognition that preserving Eagan's green space is vital to the health, beauty and success of our community.

  • Fostering opportunities to interact and enjoy the benefits Eagan's natural amenities and environmental resources.

These values were contribued by each of the EOS coalition's member groups and were consolidated by Mel Wong of the Carriage Hills Coalition and David Brunet of Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway.

Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway and the Carriage Hills Coalition are non-profit citizens' organizations dedicated to the preservation of Eagan's expansive and environmentally sensitive open space.

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