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Saturday, December 8, 2001

Where Did the Golf Course Idea Come From?

To the editor:

How was it ever decided that the idea of a new golf course should be explored? I am a pretty careful watcher of the City Council and the local papers and I cannot recall that this idea ever hit the radar screen before the study commission was formed. Was this just some neat idea the mayor and council thought up in their spare time?

Seems to me and my neighbors that this is about the last thing the city should get involved in given the economic climate, the other priorities (Central Park) and the cost/benefit ratio to the taxpayers---lots of benefit to the privileged few and very little to the majority who will pay for it.

Whatever happened to the free market system whereby commercially viable projects are developed by the private sector at its expense? What is being proposed here appears to be another money loser publicly funded a la light rail.

Come on, City Council, you can do better that this. How about finding out whether there is a need or interest before attempting to achieve "Edina"?

George Vasiliou

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